Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

Battle of Murten 1476

Last week some friends and I visited another friend who moved into Switzerland some years ago.
We had a great trip, following Suworow's trail of 1799, visiting a lot of museums, the battlefield of Moorgarten (1313) and had a lot of fun.

For the Swiss the battle of Murten in which the Swiss mixed up a Burgundian army is a very important subject of their history.

In the "Landesmuseum" in Zürich is a very nice flat figure diorama where I shot these photos:

And yes - of course I think about remaking it in 1/72:-)


  1. About how large is that diorama either in metrics or feet? About how many figures were used in the display? The whole thing is very impressive.

    1. Around 3,5 to 2 meters. Originally over 10.000 figures, but in this display hard to guess but for sure less then 5000.


  2. What a spectacular diorama and a wonderful collection of flats!