Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

More Russians in Potemkin uniform

Leonid sent over photos of his latest masters. These are a great addition to the infantry and command we already have in the shop.

The Potemkin uniform, worn by the Russian army from 1786 to 1796 was of a very modern cut and I always found it fascinating.

So guess how happy I was when I got these photos!

So my Russian army for this period will grow very soon. In these uniforms they fought three wars against the Swedish, Poles and Turks. The war against the Turks together with the Austrians who already had the same uniform as in the French revolution.

And talking about the Turks. The complete sets of my project of a Napoleonic Turkish army are done and are on the way to Andy to put them in the forms. The first set cavalry sets are already casted and hopefully I can put some photos here soon. This could be a very colorful diorama....

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