Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017

The Napoleonic Turkish army is sculpted

Yesterday I got the parcel from Ingo with all the missing masters to complete my Ottman army of the Napoleonic period.

Also Andy sent the first three sets of casted cavalry figures. My problem is I don't have photos from all the masters or castings. So I started painting the cavalry to put them in the shop.

All in all over 60 different figures of the Ottomans for the period 1780 to 1826 are done.
The units will be:

Regular infantry
Nizam regulars 2 versions
Albanian light infantry
Anatolian infantry (Spahis)

Delhi Cavalry
Spahis Cavalry
Haleb Delhis Cavalry
Kapikhulu Spahis Cavalry


The battle of Helipolis one possibility now that we also work on the French in Egypt. 
Or I use them as an enemy to fight HAT's 1805 Russians in the Russo-Turkish war of 1806-12:-)

Here several photos of the masters as I got them from Ingo.



Rank and file (they got some beltsin the meantime)

Albanian light infantry

Here Ingo used western muskets. We got such a Turkish model and will try to make the change.

And finally the guys I call the "Cannonfodder"

And finally the Anatolian Spahis

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