Sonntag, 8. April 2018

Battle of Kassala 1894

This year my anual hobbytour will bring me to Rome where I meet a good hobbyfriend whom I only know through mails so far.

The plan is to visit a lot of museums and see his collection. This brought me again to check my Italian colonial figures.

With Massimo working on a lot of subjects on the Sudan campaign and me always searching for the lesser known subjects I thought the Derwishes fighting Ethiopeans, the Belgian Force Public from the Kongo or the Italians would be something different to the usual Egyptian/British army.

The battle of Kassala was such a battle. You can read more about it at Wikipedia.  

I already asked Massimo to sculpt me a set of Italians which is already in the shop. Now I wanted to show you some photos of painted ones.

And just an idea what we could do next - There are so many great figures in other scales....

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