Freitag, 6. April 2018

Last photos from Fürstenfeldbruck

Maybe you recognize from my daily posts that I am in the holidays:-)

To work up my pile of photos to post I show you here the rest of the interesting photos from the model fair. Of course most in 1/72!

Some Steampunk in between. That is a subject that is teasing me too.

 Moderns come more and more in my focus...

And early WW2 too!

Some had only figures on show.

This thing was funny. Scale 1/87 and it worked with dancing figures etc.

Let's come back to interesting vehicles. Of course there were a lot of Tigers, Panthers etc. to see, but I like the special ones.

OK, not special. But I liked it:-)

Comming back to special. The tanks are too late for Operation Sealion, so I am wondering if this has a historical backround? But the idea is good.

Eagle one is one of my favorite Space-ships since I was a small child and saw the series on TV.

This is 1/72 scale too. I thought it interesting because of the Trucks. If you like airplanes, there were hundreds in all scales on display.

And just another photo from a model-fair in northern Germany. My friend Marcus sent his photos over. these two had a special message

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