Montag, 9. Juli 2018

Ulundi is comming closer

On the 17th November starts the second Dioramica, in my eyes the best exhibition of 1/72 dioaramas in Germany. A lot to see there and a chance to meet most of my hobbyfriends.

Our subject this year is - as I have written several times - the battle of Ulundi 1879.
With only 4 1/2 month left I have to rush up painting. So far we passed the mark of 6500 figures and if I take all my 24th foot and change the facing color another 800 British can be added to this total.

So now starts the organisation of the diorama, how do we show it, how much space to we get (thanks to Patrick a lot!).

One thing is to glue the units on bases, arrange the formations of them. Converting figures as not every pose in the plastic sets is usefull.

For example we want to show the Zulu attack on the square when the cavalry were all inside.
We only can use the resting figures, even should think about converting them into dismounted ones.

The Zulus have to be arranged into regiments too. A lot of white-shielded veteran regiments stood in reserve position, so a lot of HAT figures to paint as the older sets have no waiting figures etc. etc.

So I took a look at what I have done the last month and made some photos from the collection. I just opened a few of the boxes we used for Isandlwhana years ago, but there are more of them. Just to boost around a little with my own collection before I show the photos from Alfred in the next post:-)

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  1. I'll be interested in seeing how this project develops. Sounds interesting!