Mittwoch, 18. November 2020

Black Watch Miniatures goes online

Dear Hobbyfriends,

as I wrote some weeks ago, together with my two friends Massimo and Patrick I wanted to open a new online shop.

After several weeks of many difficulties with the technic and much help from my 13 year old son (I am too old for this) finally the time has come to go online. Some small optical changes have still to be made, but it works:-)

Here is our new shop:

Check the button "about us" on the right upper side and you see the story behind. 

In this new shop we offer only figures, sculpted by Massimo Costa - and only figures, made by Massimo. 

Many sets you may have seen before from Hagen-Miniatures, GIM and Massimo's own 42nd Blackwatch range.

Now we threw together all these sets, corrected some old figures and already worked on new sets. Some of which I have already shown on the blog. 

We will expand and complete existing ranges we started in the past. For example after the Napoleonic Spanish horse artillery (shich is now on sale) the next set will be Spanish Line infantry in campaign dress.

Also a third set of Prussian infantry 1864-1870 is in the making. 

Some older sets are missing in the first days, as we have to check them, maybe Massimo has to make some corrections and we need new molds. 

All the figures are comming in boxes like this.

For our US Hobbyfriends, we made a deal with our hobbyfriend George, who will offer the complete range in your country very soon.

And their will also remain Hagen Miniatures. Here we offer figures from sculptors like Frank Ziegler, Leonid, Robert, etc. etc. And of course the "Hagen-Idea" of making your own figures. 

If you would like to have a special figure, range, army, simply contact Andy at Hagen and we will produce what you want.

Ok, that is enought text now - if you are interested check the link and enjoy the figures:-)

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