Samstag, 2. Oktober 2010

DUZI is near

The last weeks I was quiet because I worked on the diorama for next week.
In four days I will start on the anual DUZI-tour. One day for bulding up the diorama, two days exhibition and afterwards a three-day tour through the Netherland, visiting museums and friends on the trip. For me the highlight of each year!

I recognised that I showed "just" photos of conversions and the actual work, but no dioramas.

So to have something for you before I show the Fredericksburg photos, here are some photos from a Dennewitz diorama Ingo made two years ago.
The French and Prussians are Art-miniaturen figures, while the Saxons are selfmade (Ingo casted them and sells them). Of course he made all the buildings himself too.

See two photos of the work itself and afterwards the result.


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