Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Building Fredericksburg

Ok, as several guys asked me to put some photos of the latest project on the blog, here we start with the making of...

Me, painting some needed officers and casualties

Alfred, working on artillery

Andy and Detlef have to pull the blanket over the plate.

Me, thinking - takes lot of time...

Ingo (standing) with Rainer. Ingo was in charge of the diorama this time.

Confederate Artillery - the whole artillery was sculpted and painted by Andy Peters and are ready for sale now too.

The first line of the Union. Mostly plastics and Tumbling Dice

Alfred glueing the companies on the bases

Rainer securing the blanket on the tables.

After two hours. Thanks for having several meetings before the DUZI, most of the units were done ready painted and glued in formations. It was easy then to put them on the plate

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