Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

New Turkish army master

For those of you interested in my own production range, here is the first master of an Egyptian infantrman in the Crimea.

The "Turkish" army at the Danube 1853/54 consistend of Anatolian infantry, Egyptians, irregular Albanians, Bashi Bazouks etc. Not to forget the Polish legion in Turkish pay.

I already have the Anatolian infantry and Artillery now. Now Andy started on the First Egyptian division sent over at the beginning of the war. They still have the old Egyptian uniform worn at this period and useful for all the Egyptian wars from 1835 onwards. As they were highly effecitve the Turks saw then as an elite unit. The second division which reinforced the Turks later in the war were equipped by the Turks in European style uniform like the "Redif", a kind of "Landwehr" unit.

See here the first master and a uniformplate which I gave Andy as a source.