Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Siege of Silistra

Maybe some of you know that Hank from the US is working on some dioramas of the "Crimean war", better to say Russo-Turkish war of 1853-56. Some day I hope to see his great diorama.
So far you can find several postings from him here:

And finally:

Hank did a great research and I had the honour to help him a little bit. He teached me a lot about the Turkish army and it is facinating how much stuff he digged out.  Some day I hope to see this diorama life when I make a trip to the US.

Some maybe would ask what this red Artillerymen are. Well, they are Egyptian artillery from the 1st Division sent in 1853 in old Egyptian uniforms. Some plates of them and other Egyptians of the 19th century you can find in the Vinkhuizen collection:

In the meantime I will try to create more figures for this facinating campaign. Being always interested in colonial warfare, I try to complete my collection of the magazine "Soldiers of the queen". There are still 40 or so missing issues, but last month I got a pack of 20 missing issues for which I am greatful and where I found this following article on the siege of Silistra. Hank already got his copy and I am wondering when I will see the walls of Silistra:-))))

For those of you interested too, here are the scans of this article.

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