Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Poles arrived

Maybe you have read the sad story of the payment I made for some Polish masters and what happened afterwards.

Now the good news. On Christmas Bartosz contacted me, telling me that he is very sick and spent a lot of time at the hospital. I asked him to send me the nearly finished figures over now as Andy offered to complete the sculpting. And what a surprise - this time the parcel arrived.

Great figures and sculpting of Napoleonic Polish infantry in the right uniform and correct poses.
So I will send them to Andy now to complete some missing buttons and sabres. Afterwards they will go to the caster and I hope I can offer them for sell soon - and get some of the money for the masters back....

Tell me what do you think about them. Bartosz already did the Russian militia and Spanish Guerillia. I think this Polish infantry here are better then what we have in plastic from him.

We have Fusiliers, Voltigeurs and Grenadiers. As far as I know the only elite companies on the markets since Hinton Hunt. 

BTW, in the backround you can see some old Minifigs S-Range figures from my friend Clive who sent me over some samples for which I asked him.


  1. Very handsome chaps - I might add some to my Strelets Polish regiments.

  2. Hi
    If they are 1/72 I could be interested to buy some of these chaps!

  3. They look very good - i'd say worth the wait!

  4. Hi guys,

    sounds good to me:-) Rafa, yes they are 1/72 - the only range I am interested in!