Freitag, 4. März 2011

More Crimean war Egyptians

This morning Andy sent me a photo of the next five Egyptian infantrymen from the 1st Egyptian division which fought at Silistra and the Danube campaign of 1853/54. Great stuff and another addition to the Turkish army range.  We will continue with Turkish cavalry I think.

Hank already ordered 400 of them, so hopefully I can show photos of a Turkish army at the Danube with a lot of irregulars and Egyptians too:-)))


  1. Very nice work Uwe - though not a period I'll be able to go near for a while. Will the Vivandieres be available for sale?

  2. Hi Conrad,

    yes the Viviandrines are with the mould-maker at the moment. I will tell you when they are available. And maybe I can teas you with the Crimean war in the future:-)