Sonntag, 6. März 2011


After showing stuff from other people I want to return to my own projects. You know I am working on the Sikh-war and the French in Indochina beside a lot of other things. But the main project for this year is the battle of Asculum in which Pyrrhus won over the Romans. In this battle the Romans tried to use "tanks" against the elefants. Tank means in this case ox-drawn "armoured" wagons. I hope to have around 50-80 of this wagons on the diorama, fighting Pyrrhus's 19 Elefants.
Detlef from Petersfiguren made especially for the diorama this wagons here and told me yesterday on the phone that he wants to make some variants too. The wagons will be for sale in his shop later the year in case some of you are interested to get one.


  1. I always wondered what Roman mechanized armor looked like - it will be amazing to see 50 of these. Highly anticipating this.

  2. I can´t wait to see these painted up. Where did the historical evidence for them come from?.I mean the design.
    I´m working on my 1st Phalanx ;-D

  3. The wagon looks very good - something my buddy & I looked for in the past for an Asculum game. BTW, is it 28mm? Regards, Dean

  4. Hi guys,

    there is only the description of Plutarch for this wagons. I used a source the book from the wargemes research society.

    The wagon is 1/72 (23mm), but as there is no known size I guess they can used for other scales too.