Freitag, 11. März 2011

Thomas Mischak's Waterloo diorama

Between all my hobbyfriends I have the honour to call Thomas Mischak one of the longest I know in the hobby. Some years ago I had the chance to visit his "Bunker". A cellar from the old days in which he has put a Waterloodiorama with 14.000 figures on display. Thomas is working regulary on the quality of the diorama and is painting figures to a high standard, working on the landscape etc.. The diorama shows  Erlon's attack, Huogomont, the usual squares and the Prussians on the French right flank.

I know that Waterloo is very popular for collectors and modellerers. Hopefully the importance of other Napoleonic battles in history will get the same chance to come on a plate as does Waterloo so often.
We did a first try with Aspern in 2009 and I promise you in 2012 there will be something from our group about 1812 too.

Ok, enough words, here are photos from this great diorama! I asked Thomas to send me some photos and here is what I got


  1. Great photo's especially the 5th from the bottom, the rear view of the army.

  2. I beleive I´ve seen this live ...again a wonderfull work

  3. Stunning - your friend is building a monument for generations to appreciate.

  4. What's the scale? Is it 1:1? I can recognise a lot of the figures I use ie HaT, Zvezda etc. Lovely work!