Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

French artillery SYW

At the moment I am reading the old Austrian military magazine from 1812 onwards. In the 1820ies they wrote long articles about the war of the Austrian succession. Austrians fighting Bavarians and French. An interesting subject, but not funny as the Bavarians lost....

Now I thought about painting some Bavarians to fight my Austrians on a little diorama. As for the French I have already made a lot of painting conversions from Revell's Austrians as well as I used a lot of Johns Woodensfeld French line.

French artillery is another interesting subject and here I have some photos how Alfred thought about it. Great conversions as usual! And in addition a Hanoverian artillery too.


  1. Good God what a creative and inventive use of the old Airfix figures ! I recognize conversions there from the Robin Hood sets, ACW and the WWI sets.