Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Mainz - what the others did

Here are a few great little dioramas that were on display at Mainz.

WW2 Naval warfare is usually not my cup of tea, but these here were breathtaking!

Another great one was this.

I know my friend Stephan will prefer this great ancient subject:-))

And now a little bit through the ages. Here an Egyptian ship (reminds me that I have hundreds of Egyptians and Sea-people already painted in the collection. The battle of the Nile is an option for the future:-))

 Some more "modern" stuff

 And finally a very good made medieval diorama


  1. Lovely pictures/ideas thanks for sharing


  2. I must say thank you for sharing also. Despite having a ship phobia I can still say that those model photos are simply incredible. The ship presented in the wooden chest is such a clever concept. As for the sunk submarines...well...more beautifully modelled good reasons why I'll never go on one! :-)

  3. Very cool stuff. These models are outstanding.

  4. It was an excellent show with some really incredible dioramas etc..a great day out.