Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Some more impressions from Mainz

Here now some photos of nice conversions and little vignettes that I have seen in Mainz.
Most of them come from the Kurpfälzer Figurenfreunde who do really great little gems!

Russian Artillery on the march.

A lot of Hussite and other 15th/16th century dioramas

 We could have used these for the countercharge at Borodino....

 Some impressions

 I liked this "Flak":-))

 These Prussians here are for sell from Fredericus Rex. Great figures sculpteda after Röchling's painting "Eilmarsch nach Küstrin" I like the figures very much but the price is too high in my eyes. On the other hand for SYW enthusiast surely interesting

Here the painting

These Swiss here I thought interesting too. The 16th century is still not really covered in figures, but a diorama of Pavia 1525 would be a very colourful thing in my eyes. I have seen on in flat in Kulmbach castle. Very inspiring:-))