Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

More 1870 Bavarians

As Massimo is back at work sculpting, he sent me photos of some more charging Bavarians we wanted to have in addition for the running ones I already showed at the blog.

One good news is that the casting in resin worked and the figures are soon available in this material first from Germania figuren. Now the resins are going to Jörg who will cast them in metal too.

You can imagine that I am really glad it worked this way as now we are able to expand the whole range. My dream would be to have hundreds of units/poses for the Franco-Prussian war available in the end. Depends all on how popular the range will be.

Here the photo of the three command figures

And maybe some of you remember the Prussians which were available from Finescale factory.
These figures will be available too again in the near future. 

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