Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Now I have photos on the shop

Krisztian painted me samples of all the figures I have up to this time in the own production.

See here some group photos, the photos of the single ones are in the shop.

I hope with his great paintjob it helps me selling some:-)))))

Starting with Egyptian cavalry from 1840 to 1870 (especially for my Crimean Ottoman army)

These guys here have a breathtaking quality in my eyes. I painted a few myself but after seeing this I think I will send him over several more. BTW, Krisztian would paint such figures for you too, we thought about adding a painting service to the shop. Now with having here the first of them I think I will ask Ingo that we can expand this range. Siege of Vienna 1683 is something I have in mind...

And again my Sepoys. I hope this is not too booring for you. In the last two month I heard the Sharpe in India Audiobooks while being on tour with the car. So I increased my armies here again.

These guys are Bombay or Madras infantry.

Bombay 12th regiment Grenadiers (for sure useful for other units too).

And Bombay 16th Grenadiers

These Turkish artillery-crew was sculpted by Andy Peters

The Turkish cavalry on the other hand by Ingo Gohlke

These Arquebusiers de Grassin for the battle of Fontenoy were made by Phersu. We thought about rounding up this unit with up to 10 poses including some command figures.

Here some close ups of the Turkish artillery

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  1. These are a nice bunch of figures, and excellent painted by Krisztian!