Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Our diorama for 2013 - Rocroi 1643

Now it is out. For the next year we (Schmitty, Alfred, Roland, Michael and me) are working on a diorama for the battle of Rocroi 1643.

This was a battle fought between the French and Spanish on the (today) French-Belgian border. Maybe you know the battle already from the movie Alatriste?

What we want to show is the attack of the French cavalry around the Spanish flank and the last stand of the Spanish tercio which was covering the retreat. Should look like this

In the past Alfred and Roland Umhey made exhibitions in the local museum of Rocroi itself. See here some photos of dioramas and other stuff from the museum as inspiration

Well, this is just the first post for the battle and the upcomming project. I fear over the next year up to September you will have to bear to see much more stuff about the 30YW here:-)))


  1. Superb stuff and waiting for more. That movie scene in Alatriste was terrible though (the rest of the movie is great).

  2. Great dioramas and thanks for posting the movie clip. I hadn't heard of it before so watched more scenes on You Tube. It is rare to see 17th century battles to be portrayed on film. It certainly beats the battle scenes in 'Cromwell'!

  3. sounds like a plan... a good one too! ha this another occassion when a blog sends me to whatch a battle scene at the start of a post. :-) I like it. shame I can't do it for my blog unless I do a film for Oronegro...

    this battle looks cool and I really want to see what you come up with.

  4. So you guys like the movies, I should start to post a list of my movie-collection with around 3500 historical movies, documentations and series on 13 external harddrives. Maybe this is the reason why I am such a freak in building dioramas (LOL).

    Hey Andrew, we will of course have more figures on the plate then the scenes of the movie show:-)) At least three tercios in original scale for the Spanish


  5. That is an insane lot of figures (but will look awesome once complete). I was just trying to recreate tercios in 1/2 in historical RTS PC games and they're still huge, see tthe last post on my blog if it has any interest to you.