Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Bunker Hill

After a busy week I thought about what to post this weekend. Then Timo Kreimes came to my help and sent me all his photos he made on his trip to the USA last month.

Between all this AWI stuff are photos from the local Bunker Hill museum. They have a very nice diorama there. Not 1/72 but as we did the battle ourself I thougt it interesting to post them here.


  1. Are those archers in the 3rd picture from the bottom??? the certainly look like some.

    those dio's are great it looks like there are 3 different ones, am I right? one larger than 1/72 and 2 smaller or is it 2 dio's?

    they are stunning none the less.

  2. Hi Gowan,

    yes these are two dioramas from the same museum. And no, no archers, just bad quality figures:-)


  3. Gentlemen, hate to disappoint Uwe, BUT THAESE are from different ones!- The "bad pictures" is for 10mm figures, the better ones from larger dioramas... up to 10 cm Figures