Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Some more for Rocroi

Ralph has some great postings on his blog for this battle too. This one I found interesting.

Beside this as you liked Stephan's SYW diorama, here are the photos of the one he made for the 30YW.

I hope to have much more photos from my own armies soon. At the moment I am thinking about organising a tercio in scale 1:1


  1. Really impressive! Wonderful pictures...

  2. Far out! I thought I had collected quite a lot of Revell 30YW figures, but that static display is really impressive. Those Revell designs were very good, I think, barring some of the 'odd' musketeer poses. But they do service, with the replacement of muskets, as pikemen in my Austerian (Imperialist) and Severian (Swedish) armies.
    It's nice to see what others achieve with familiar figures: it gives a standard at which to aim.