Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

1870 Bavarians are comming soon now

You already have seen the 1870 French infantry which are already in the shop now.

For the expansion of the range, Massimo started sculpting for me. I have shown the charging Bavarians he made for me in the past.

Now we put these figures into a mould and they are avilable in resin from Germania figures and in metal
from Germania and myself.

See here the 18 men strong unit of a Bavarian charge. I think these are enough poses for a good vignette or a diorama with bigger numbers.

The resin figures will come without base and the seperate arm in metail. The metals will have the bese and the seperate arm too. because the poses are threedimensional we had to do them in two parts.

I cant work to start on the 1870 diorama for which I already painted hundreds of Emhar, Strelets and a lot of plastic-conversions:-)

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