Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

My favourite subject - colonials

Guys you know how busy I am always to make new things. Colonial wars of the 19th century I my favourite subject. There are a lot of books about the British colonial wars and as a German I have access to a lot of books about our own Schutztruppe.

Sadly to get something for the French, Dutch etc. is difficult.

But not only in books, but in Figures most is focused on British colonial armies (at least in 1/72).
I converted a lot of figures for the Boxer rebellion and used several WW1 figures and other colonials for them.

Some of my conversions and rare metals you can see at the Strelets contribution side. These are mostly not for the boxer rebellion, but useful for a lot of lesser know colonial campaigns.

 Alfred did the same as I and converted great figures of which I made some photosto post them here.

Kansu Braves

 Green flag infantrymen (old style) - useful for a lot of Chinese campaigns of the 19th century


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