Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

The next masters for Rocroi

Alfred sent me these photos from Deniz over last week. Remember these are masters carved from wood!!

All these figures will go into the production soon. And the horses will then be available for the other ranges too.

Our plan with the diorama is to show the French cavalry attack which they directed against the flank of the Spanish Tercios. Imagine musketeers taking cover under or behind the pikes to ward off the cavalry. On the other hand the last stand of the front rank Tercio.

Last week a hobby friend sent me 600 more figures for the diorama. So I hope this afternoon I can start with gluing the first figures on a plate. Hopefully I can show you a 1000-men-tercio here soon:-)

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  1. those are some very interesting masters. and made from wood they are really increadible.