Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

And BB made Prussian jäger too

But I am sure Massimo can make better ones:-)))

The last ones are from the old Minifigs S-range. true 25mm figures which fit very well with todays 1/72 figures. And they look much better in my eyes.


  1. hehe their funny little guys. detail isn't bad but the proportion of the body are a little off. but its nice to see more prussians especially because they played such an important role and yet they have not been covered that much

  2. I presume these are Franco-Prussian War and not Napoleonics? Hard to tell, sometimes! I've always rather liked Minifigs designs, chunky, but clean lines that made them easy to paint and looked good. The more sophisticated modern sculpting looks inpressive in other respects, but while the individual figures have the more character than Minifigs, a Minifigs battalion or squadron has a presence all its own.

  3. Yes they are Franco-Prussian war figures. The old S-range is not as chunky as the later ones, sometimes even better as what you get from some manufactors today.