Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Franco Prussian war figures from BandB

My friend John once said "There are no bad figures, just bad paintjobs". Well I thought I want to have a proof for this.

Maybe you know the old B B figures range. Sometimes the figures remind me on Orks, but they have very interesting subjects in their range.

So I thought I will send the figures I have in my collection to Krisztian. If anybody can make something out of them it is him. See her some of them beside my own range. Very well fed, especially pose 2 and 3 :-))

As single figures they are "different", but in formations of the plate they are looking not too bad in my eyes.

I like the Grenadiers, a very nice unit. But their historical research is not the best too with a completely wrong officer. And in 1870 they had their forage caps on. On the other hand with bearskin they are looking more impressing.

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