Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Schaumburg Bückeburg Carabiniers in the SYW

During the last few weeks the Seven Years war came into my focus. One reason was, that I have to make some research for Hobby-friends, the other was that with filling our shop at Hagen-miniatures we got a lot of offers for the SYW from different hobby-friends.

So for example Rüdiger Fischer sent some great stuff with Old Fritz and peasants, Ingo sent his Austrian army figures, John sent his Wodensfeld French infantry etc., etc.

Now I thought I want to have more on the Western front of the war, French fighting the British and German units there. What would be an interesting unit for this campaign? My dream always have been the
Schaumburg-Bückeburgsche Carabiniers. The most exotic unit in the SYW in my eyes.

If you want to read about their history take a look here. And for the German speaking between you simple read or print down the regimental history from Goggle-books.

So I guess this is an interesting unit both for Wargamers and Modelleres. I asked Uwe Ehmke to make me a unit of them skirmishing for the beginning. No matter of their appearance this was a unit of light cavalry!!

See here the first photo


  1. they sound so cool. I love them already and I haven't seen that many. certainly there must be unit like that in my imagi-nation! so yes once I have sorted the funds out I will get some of these... I love mounted skirmishers, I love cuirassiers I love Spanish style helmets... seriously did this unit exist or have you seen my favourite things and made up a unit of my dreams?


  2. Visit the Historifigs website. They sell figures for this unit: old Jack Scruby sculpts, which he called 25mm, but which are actually consistent with 1/72 plastics.

    Chris Johnson

    1. Hi Chris,

      yes I remember I have the figure. But this is more for the nostalgic collector with nearly no details on it.