Sonntag, 3. November 2013

And some more impressions from Mainz - some great 1/72 dioramas

Rüdiger Fischers Dresden City around 1730

 And his older Fritz and the miller
 This is a nice little one from Klaus Hinderks. German Askaris in WW1. The truck is an old Matchbox car.

 This Egyptian boat was made from matches!!
 Another nice 1/72 submarine. remember the ones I posted one year ago

Indian camp. In the past I have seen a lot of peaceful Indian vignettes and dioramas. Seems to be a popular subject.

Imperial Romans are for sure popular:-)

WW1 Trench warfare with the Germans being a mix of Zvezda, HAT and Airfix. 

They had it under guard - otherwise I would have used it in our Rocroi-diorama!!!

Of  course I have to post Michel's pirate fortress here too:-)

 Ups, more WW1
 And a nice Husite-war vignette.

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