Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

The siege of Fort William Henry

After the Culloden diorama Stefan sent me photos of one of his earlier works. Thanks to James Fenimore Cooper one of the sieges/battles that nearly every child 30 years ago knew. With todays teenagers I am not so sure:-)

Ok, not always the right uniforms in the units, but it lookslike great fun and I like the wood with the stones.


  1. Nice looking diarama/wargame. I think Fenimore Cooper would be a hard read for the modern kid. I read the 'Last of the Mohicans' at age about 13 or 14 and found it hard going. I've since read it again as well as 'The Deerslayer' and some of 'The Prairie', and it don't get any easier!

  2. Just watched the last of the mohicans last night, IMO the seige is one of the best filmed seiges and the ambush one of the best battles in film

    1. Especially with uniforms that are absolutely correct.

      A pity that this long battleszene is just available in the original US-Version. I had to order my DVD from the USA

  3. hehe I am a teenager and I have heard of this battle... a very interesting diorama there even if it is not 100% accurate.