Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Prussian Towarzysz

The next project we start to work on for Hagen-Miniatures is a unit of Prussian Towarcies in the war of 1807.

See here a painting from Knötel aboout this unit which fought the French in Poland after the desaster of Jena-Auerstaedt up to the peace of Tilsit.

Massimo will take over the sculpting of this unit and here are his first steps of the sculpting


  1. Beatifull soldiers are comming ...

  2. Great idea, cannot wait to see the finished ones

  3. Name of regiment was 'Towarzysz-Regiment', word 'towarzysz' in Polish means 'companion' and it was previously used to describe nobles serving in Polish and Lithuanian cavalry. It was former Bosnian regiment, it name was changed to encourage Polish nobles to serve in it.

  4. A fine project,
    Many wargamers have been looking for this unit in 15mm to.