Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Just a few more exotic little dioramas

Today I thought what I should show on the blog. In my collection of old photos I found several small dioramas which I made in the last decades.

Here are two from the Kaiserjägermuseum in Innsbruck (Tirol). The first showing a scene from the occupation of Bosnia in 1878 after the Russo-Turkish war

 The second one showing a scene from the war in 1848 Italy (Novarra?)

Here a close-up of the battle painting beside it:

A Russian medieval army from Alex's own collection

A Viking raid I have seen on a model-fair near Munich

A Roman battlefield by Klaus Hinderks

And finally photos from Magenta 1859 - found on another forum, sadly can't remember where..

Some nice conversion ideas here, Napoleonic British as Austrians, see in the last photo front the japanese infantryman as Zouave. While I am not so sure about a Strelitz in this photo.-)

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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  1. Amazing work on all of these; I like the water effect for the Viking diorama. That street brawl in Magenta looks wild!