Freitag, 14. März 2014

The diorama project for this year - Cuddalore 1783

I thin in the past I have already written about our new diorama idea on this blog.

It was the last battle in the AWI - not in America, but in India. The French and their Myosrean allies
fought the British army.

As India in the 18th and 19th century is one of my favourites because of the colourful uniforms and the exotic climate I wanted to have this one. And an oppourtunity to put hundreds of my own Mysorean
figures on a table:-)

The British attacked the French positions in two colums but were beaten back. The French won the battle
with around 450 casualties against over 1000 on the British side.

The good thing is that I can use all my AWI British infantry for the project as the uniform was the same in India in 1783. For the Sepoys I can take my own from the Wellington in India-range, but they need
another headgear.

The French were European troops with the usually uniform, backed by Sepoys too. the latter have the same cut of the cloth like their British counterparts.

So with our troops from Bunker Hill we already have the British figures done. The French are a challenge as we just have the Italeri-figures. And the poses of them are mostly not useful. The difference in the uniform of French and British are not soo big, so we can paint British and Americans as French too.

For the close combat on the other hand we need a lot of conversions. Schmitty and Peter sat together a weekend and here are some of the results.

Rainer also made conversions with Green stuff which we will put in a mould to cast them.

Next time I hope I can show more photos of painted units.

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