Sonntag, 16. März 2014

The Gettysburg diorama with 1/72 Airfix figures from the museum at the battlefield itself

Last year my friend Rainer made a trip to the USA, visiting several battlefields and museums. I can assure you, I envy him for it!!

Before you get your view fixed to the photos maybe you remember that we did our own Gettysburg diorama starting nearly 20 years ago. There are several positings about it on this blog, for example here.

But now to the photos, really breathtaking. And as a nostalgican I like to see it made completely from the old Airfix-range.


  1. It is a really impressive diorama, isn't it? Wonderfully photographed too, please thank Rainer for us. Your own better captures the numbers and scale of the battle, but this does stand up to the test of time and great to see those Airfix figures, as you said!

  2. There is another diorama using Airfix figures nearby Gettysburg, at a campground, no less. The day I went to see it I was going to have to wait half an hour to see it, and I had spent the day dragging my patient wife across the battlefield and didn't think it was fair to make her suffer more. I have been getting rid of my old plastic figures, but will not part with my Airfix ACW!

  3. Where is this located please? Anthony

    1. Hi Anthony,

      check out this link -