Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Crush the Kaiser

You can imagine that I was after all 1/72 stuff when I visited the Salute.

There was a nice wargame about the first weeks of WW1 on the Eastern front. Some photos from me, others I found on the web.

The next was one from the western front. The start 1914 with colourful uniforms and 1918 with nothing left from the landscape, all khaki and tanks around. On the 1914 one I found these british cavalrymen here:

When I asked around one nice guy told me they are Lancer miniatures. So I simply took an order from their homepage to check how they fit with my 1/72 figures.

More WW1 was on display at the FIGZ two weeks ago. Markus Schenk was kind enough to send me all the photos he made. I was impressed by this tank attack as I wrote on a former post.

No wonder we lost the war....

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