Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Cuddalore, some updates

It is my first week off from work and before we have our family holiday in Italy I have the time to work a little bit more on the project. Yesterday I sorted out all my British infantry from the Bunker Hill diorama we did around 10 years ago and painted much more French infantry.

Now the actual number of figures we have for the diorama is 3000 with over 2000 British between them. So I fear I have to paint a lot of French infantry and Mysoreans.

This morning Rainer sent two photos of which he did last weekend.

 My Mysorean cavalry on Italeri-horses.
And here his conversions of a Zvezda French Guard-Grenadier to a 1780ies Infantryman. Good idea!

The Highlanders are also ready and at the moment I paint the first testshots. I have to put them in the shop now too, for the start just with photos of the masters...

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