Freitag, 5. September 2014

Cuddalore - the Artillery

I hope it is not too boring for you to see all these postings about the project. Just 13 days left for me before I start to the fair and it will be a close run thing this time. Nearly 6000 figures are done now, but still gaps to fill up.

I have already painted two sets of Imex AWI artillery and several metals. But we have at least five batteries to make. The French used a lot of heavy pieces, up to 32pounders from the fortress itself.
Alfred thought to use 25mm guns which looks big enough for this.

And as just Imex figures are not really lively in the batterie we started making conversions too.

 These guys with the bearskins are Bombardiers de la Marine. Just to bring a little bit colour into the batteries:-)

 And as usual we have not too much dead and wounded, so we are working on these too.


  1. Good work and blog.

    You have a lot of nice conversions there.

    Out of interest, do you use pins to fix the new heads or just superglue ?

  2. Hi John,

    neither - they are heaten up with a soldering iron and melt together.


  3. Looks good - with all those figures I can see you have had a lot of practice :-)

    I must give it a try.

    Cheers, John