Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Cuddalore - The diorama

Last Friday it was the time to build up the diorama. This time it was more difficult as we don't had the space we needed. So it started with a lot of changes in the plan...

First it was easy to build up the battlefield itself, using around 90 beer-banks which Massimo, Rainer and me did in a short time. Afterwards it was fixing the blanket.

When we had finished this our reinforcments arrived.

First Alfred and Roland bringing their units

After a discussion I tried to post the units on the plate to see how much space we needed for the units

Then we recognised it won't work and turned the whole formations around. And then it started again...

Alfred starting positioning the French redoubts

The first impressions of units on a plate - not much impressing...

 Rainer glued his units on the plates.

And then came the fun:-) Our usual "graining" of the ground

 Rainer working on the hill on the British left

 Peter and Paul (yes their true names:-)) helped too.

And in the end it was done. Here the first photos, details will come with the next post

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