Sonntag, 14. September 2014

The beginning - 20 years ago

Like most of us I played figures as a small boy, even painted then when I was less then 10 years old.
Then came the usual break, girls, beer, cars, etc. etc. When I was 24 years old I came back to the hobby - that is now 20 years ago...

Today I sorted out some books which I wanted to sell on the fair and I found an old binder full of photos. Some of them gave me nostalgic thoughts how it was in all these years ago.

My father in law made me a table to play with the figures, which I put in my room.
See here the first little dioramas which I tried to create on it.

For example my first try on Polotzk 1812 with the figures available then. Mostly Esci, Airfix, the first HATs and several metals that were available in Germany these days.

Here my Russian Hussars converted from Revel SYW Prussians. The French Chasseurs some metals from Quality cast and SHQ, the rest conversions too.

 The Bavarians HAT with metals from Art-Miniaturen and the great range my friend Raimund Konieczko let made by Falcon.

The next I put on show I called something 1813 with Westphalians
Here the size of the plate - not really impressing...

 Puh, half a company standing here for a bataillon...

 Ok, the staff already had a size:-)


  1. Nostalgia ohh how I love it....
    Nice pics my friend

  2. They look great! I think most of had a hiatus from from the hobby for similar reasons. Good to see the nice 1/72nd figs so well painted and laid out.

  3. Hi Uwe,
    I remember that table, too.
    I also can remember how we both played in your children's room. I stll have the fight in mind when the US Marines had to conquer an island occupied by Japanese in the Pacific. Do you remember, too?

    1. Ths fights was fought about almost 30 years ago.