Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Calenzano Museo di Soldatini

When visiting Massimo last year he showed us a great little museum of Toy-soldiers which is run by a group of local collectors. 

Figures and dioramas in all scales, a very impressing museum.  See here a selection of the photos we made there

A medieval party

 One of the series "Dogs in WW1"
 I made detail photos of all of them, thinking about starting a colonial Italian army in 1/72 too.

Armoured cars are my favourites too. In 1/72 available from Reviersco, while this is a 1:35 scale one.

Of course great napoleonic vignettes too.

 Medievals - inspiration for this years Poitiers 1356 project

 Just an overview

 And here how figures are made.

I think some more postings about this museum will follow.


  1. Some impressive works here !
    It must have been an interesting visit !

  2. Very cool - I do like that Medieval presentation.