Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Constantinople 1453

Some years ago I visited Istanbul. A great place for a hstorian! Here they had a new museum with a Panorama-painting about the siege of 1453.

Or another painting from the Askeri Museum

Now I stumpled over this blog here with a very nice little diorama. See photos like these on the link.


  1. Seems like a good reason reason to visit Istanbul some day. My son's first full 25mm Historical army was Ottoman Turk. That was befor he moved on to 15mm Mongols.

  2. Wow, great post and great looking pictures!

  3. That "little" diorama is 196cm x 76cm with 325 figures :)
    Only 90m of 22km Constantinople walls (Golden horn walls 5.5 km, land walls 7.5 km, Marmara Sea walls 9 km)