Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Some conversions from the Sikh war diorama

At the moment I am searching through several hundred photos I made in the time before I got a digicam. This photos here I made in Alfred's cellar when I took the time to take a closer look on his collection.

The Sikh wars are one of my favourites in the 19th century, so I like these photos from two reasons. The subject - and the ideas what you can do with a paintjob and some imagination

Atlantic Indian Brigade - a great idea

This guy has much action

 Simply melting down he headgear of the napoleonic British to convert them into Goorkas

puh - Esci WW2 Japanese??

Ok, too close the photo. On a diorama with 1 meter distance you want see the simple overpainting.

Hot water worked a lot on the old esci plastic

 I always wondered what to do with this Airfix British paratrooper...

Do you recognise the Airfix Afrika-Corps ?


  1. Very creative and good result.Echt gut! I will follow your interessring projects from now.Keep posting!

  2. Great looking figures; I do like that camel artillery. Amazing conversions.