Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Great wargame of the Russo-Austrian-turkish war 1787-91

I have already shown Leonids Potemkin Russians on the blog. I like this uniform. When I wrote before about the subject I talked about their enemies - Swedes, Turks and Poles.

Now I stumpled over this blog. Ok, another scale (15mm), but the "diorama" was teasing me very much.

I haven't thought before about the Austrians army who fought the Turks together with the Russians in this war.  So we already have several sets of them too in the French Revolution range at Hagen.

Last week I started painting the Russians and yesterday took the first Austrians in my hand. I will mix them with the Italeri-Austrians for more poses. When I remove the bases of the Italeri ones they look not too big against the other figures.

So I think now I will go for the Turks too:-) Or we use some from the Newline design range of Napoleon in Egypt even if they are smaller than our figures.

Here some photos from this wargame, very nice!

BTW, talking about their enemies - Peter from Sweden joined our group and Massimo will sculpt Swedish troops for 1790 too:-)

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  1. Very nice Uwe. I find you can use the Newline figures, so long as they stay in units of their own.