Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015

The thin red line

Here are two photos from the little diorama in the Highlander regimental museum at Stirling castle which I got from a hobby friend

Made after the famous painting, but far from the truth. 150 yards distance at the third volley. I am wondering if they hit anything at this range...

And I miss the 800 Turkish infantrymen on both flanks of the Highlanders.

Here a map from the great booklet of the Crimean war research society

And here a link to the publication - http://weaponsandwarfare.com/2015/08/26/ottoman-redoubts-at-balaclava-25-october-1854/

I have the original booklet in my collection, a great one as are other publications from this group.


  1. What's this "truth" criterion? - the Turks are obviously Stealth Turks, like the Stealth Prussians on Wellington's "improved" version of Siborne's Waterloo model - we don't like our patriotic history distorted by facts!

    1. Hi Foy,
      should I continue with Inkerman? :-)


  2. Tolle Photos - wieder einmal ein lohnender Besuch auf Deinem Bog! Ich geniesse jeden neuen Beitrag von Dir mit grossem Erstaunen! Ganz grosse Klasse, weiter so. Du bist eine tolle Bereicherung in unserer Sammlerszene.