Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

New Wild West houses

Hi guys,

after removing these terrible spamm-comments on the postings (has anyobdy an idea how to prevent it other than I did with writing a code?) I come to the next subject.

Markus and Andy had the idea of a Wild West town in 1/72. So for the start we have here several houses for the start. The cost of them is 14,90 each and they come as a kit for self building.

Markus wants to have a fight of his Mexicans there, I remember the good old German movie Winnetou I with Apaches attacking the town:-)

Andy told me he has already nine kits together.


  1. Getting the Spammer comments out. Go to the design section, click comments, tick the box next to the comment you want to remove and then click delete at the top of the page. The spam is why I put my blog onto get to delete them before they can post (and they post on older less visited Posts so you don´t see them as they appear)

    1. PS..nice kits. I remember the Winnetou with Apaches attacking the town..and also the crazy idea to drive the train into the Saloon :-D