Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

Our Dioramaproject for 2016 - Ulundi

We have decided. With Isandlwhana made in 2004 and the Zulu war one of my favourite interests we decided to have a "quiet" year and use figures from armies we already have.

So it came to Ulundi, a Zulu army already available. On the other hand I thought, why not showing both dioramas together as there are so many new figures on the market since we made Isandlwhana in 2004.

So let's see what we are able to do. To show the first and the last battle of the war has something charming too:-)

I safed these photos here from 54mm figures for possible ideas of conversions into 1/72

Great stuff eh?

But for Ulundi Alfred already sent photos. His collegue at work already started building up a Zulu Kral in 1/72 - Well, he had a few minutes time he said...

The Kral will just be in the backround, because we show the attack on the British square. On the other hand as you can watch the diorama from all sides there will bring some "life" into the Kral too. So maybe some Zulu Civilians to sculpt, casualties from the battle comming in etc. etc.


  1. Very impressive pictures. The kral will look excellent. Good luck with your ambitious project.
    I wish you a merry Christmas, Uwe.