Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2015

TK painted our 28mm Musketeers

I was surprised how popular these figures are. Well as a 1/72 collector I don't really understand the 28mm market. Several hobbyfriends asked us to continue the range (which we will do) or simply joined the group in producing their own 28mm figures.

Here the link to the musketeers

And here the photos from Krisztian


  1. Very pretty figures and very nice to see them made in the style of the older movies of the seventies.
    Keep on with this project. I'm sure that the collectors and gamers will have a need for Richellieu and his men in different poses. And please don't forget the other Musketeers.
    Krisztian also did a wonderful paintjob.

  2. They look wonderful. They have a great sense of movement about them.