Montag, 18. April 2016

A lot of new stuff from Hagen

I am sitting now for two hours to put new figures in our shop. Under the lable on this blog I put a small button "here you can buy our figures" as I often get mails from people who don't know the shop.

This time Andy was busy and casted a lot of figures and still much more will follow. This time we have focused mostly on Napoleonics but have some more Ming-Chinese and Samurai too. The latter range is the fasted growing in our range.

For example we got Russian Guard-Grenadiers from Leonid. Polish units for the 1794 uprising will follow soon.

A dream of mine came true. From my own production I have the Bavarian infantry in the 1790ies Rumford uniform which they wore in the French revolution

And as my friend Pieter asked me if they ever fought, here a painting of Bavarians in combat:-)

Also the French Dragoons I showed on the blog some weeks ago and a lot of others. Just take a look at the shop:-)


  1. I hope I can see them live at FIGZ in June! Great looking figures!


  2. Leonid's sculpts are absolutely gorgeous!