Samstag, 2. April 2016

One of the last cavalry charges in history

You know the fairytail of the Polish cavalry charging the Germans tanks in 1939?

Here the text from Wikipedia in German and English.

And a nice propaganda painting from Kossak

More realistic in my eyes is this painting

But of course the idealistic view of heroic cavalry charging tanks is much more impressive.
Gerrit wanted to have such cavalry scuplted for his WW2 range. So here are the masters


  1. It's very good to see WW2 cavalry in this period sculpted. Other than the Revell Soviet Cossacks, I haven't seen much. These figures look very promising.

  2. Great minis for my Battlegroup Blitzkrieg Poles.. and what a lovely tanks I can see at this painting :D

    1. That reminds me on the box of the Matchbox SonderKFZ 232

  3. Tell me plecsk where i cen by this units. Itd wonderfull. My mail